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carousel-pro-meet“As the sunrise to the night, As the north wind to the clouds, As the earthquake’s fiery flight, Ruining mountains solitudes, Everlasting Italy, Be those hopes and fears on thee.” (P.B. Shelley, ‘To Italy’, 1819)

We love our country so let us guide you through the wonderful Italian territory and make you discover its incomparable cultural heritage, the breath-taking beauty of its nature, its excellent food and wine culture, the amazing varied cuisine, and its unique art of hospitality. Our fluent English-speaking staff will take care of planning and organizing your next event ‘made in Italy’, suggesting solutions, locations and highly exclusive services.

Together we will identify the strategic objectives, we will evaluate for you the best destinations, hotels and locations. We will propose you cultural and recreational activities, gala dinners, themed gifts, and all those ingredients which will make your experience unique and unforgettable.

We guarantee every service we provide, leaving no room for mistakes.

Company: Pro Meet

Areas Covered: Milan, Italian Lakes, Venice, Torino, Rome, Naples, Sicily


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Hybrid Events from Pro-Meet – a good compromise in this uncertain period!

In a matter of days, the global pandemic changed events from live to virtual and “digital events” became the new normal. Pro-Meet believe that face-to-face events will always be the core of our industry and therefore have spent the past months focusing on the development of hybrid events that combine both in-person and virtual experiences. Read More →


The city of Parma, just over an hour from Milan and located in the center of a region that is rich in history, culture and innovation, is a unique destination for all motor, opera and good food lovers. It is no coincidence that Parma has been elected as Italian Capital of Culture 2020, an almost Read More →

A brand new hotel opens in the fashion capital

A brand new hotel has opened its doors in the heart of Milan, the perfect location for art lovers and fashionistas! The 90 room, five star hotel is situated in the iconic building of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, connecting Duomo Cathedral Square to Piazza della Scala. A popular meeting point since the 19th century, the Read More →


When people hear the expression “Food to Die For” they don’t normally expect to see bullets on the plate. But, at the Michelin star restaurant Contraste in Milan that’s exactly what you get. Contraste, run by a young Michelin starred chef called Matias Perdomo. Set on the ground floor of a 19th-century residential building, has a clever, feels-like-home Read More →


Throughout Italy you can find a lot of wineries and historical cellars, dating back to 19th century with   refined wines and unforgettable landscapes but we must not forget unbelievable new entries: the cellars of archistars… and there is no doubt these are Renzo Piano, Mario Botta, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Cini Boeri and the “unknowm” Marco Casamonti’s. Read More →