Tough times don’t last, tough people do

Liu Ping, founder and CEO of China Star shares her interview with TTGmice, reminding the industry that life still has to go on amid a bad situation.
She explains that the Covid-19 impact on the MICE industry is probably the most severe ever. Most inbound events have been cancelled, have changed destination or have been postponed; while all domestic events taking place in February have been cancelled.
Cash flow is a huge concern for the industry and Ping urges MICE companies to keep connecting with clients and offer accurate information about the situation in China – explaining that, as a country, they are not slowing down but saving their strength for future.

What can we do?
As an industry we need to support Ping and her peers both now and when the virus has gone in order to help the Chinese MICE industry recover. We need to remind our clients that China is one of the top 10 destinations for meetings and events – the country has so much to offer so let’s shout about it.
In a recent Facebook post Ping comments;
‘I really like to recommend Wuhan for your next trip. Wuhan is getting so well-known becuase of COVID-19 outbreak, which seems quite negative, however, I believe that the negative can be turned to positive. Chinese people in the other parts of China promise that they will visit Wuhan to enjoy the beautiful oriental cherries in Wuhan university, to eat the delicious hot dry noodles, to learn the rich history and to see the brave people.
Wuhan will be the first city I am going to visit when we get rid of the COVID-19.’
To read Ping’s full interview please click here

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