Do you remember Slurpees, the famous frozen beverages that were all the rage on lovely summer days like today. Well, if you fancy getting your hands on one, as a special treat – they’re free today. The 7-11 chain offer free slurpees between 11am and 7pm on the 11th of July to celebrate the brand and their most famous product.

Since 7-11 stopped trading in the UK, the best place to get Slurpees is in Stockholm where the chain still operates the stores.

Fortunately, Stockholm also has a number of other attractions for incentive planners that make it one of the most incentive friendly of the Scandinavian Cities. Experience the urban archipelago of Stockholm this summer. The J Hotel’s scenic location in between the Swedish Archipelago and the city centre of Stockholm offers endless possibilities to enjoy the great beauty of the archipelago islands as well as the city pulse and HADLER DMC, our partner in the city will help make it happen.


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