Imagine yourself on top of a glacier; you are on top of the world looking over the valleys, the sea, the beaches and the other glaciers that are so close but yet so far away. But how do you get here?

Snaeland Incentives, our DMC partner in Iceland have unveiled their brand new Luxury Mercedes 46” Super Jeep that can get you wherever your heart desires. Iceland is full of stunning landscape but there are areas that are so remote, untouched and unreachable that you have to travel in modified car, sometimes called Monster Jeeps. In our new Luxury Jeep you will be travelling in the height of luxury with comfortable fully adjustable seats. You look out through high windows for a picturesque view in every direction and in the safe hands of a driver who knows the highlands like the back of his/her hands.

If you want to make your travel in Iceland extra special and memorable this car will help you make your dreams come true.

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