Turin – Unshrouded

In Turin, the Olympic glow has not yet faded: this Baroque gem is meant to be the new MICE destination and its time that UK meeting planners uncovered the excitement and hidden secrets of this destination.

Turin gave the world its first saleable hard chocolate, is home to one of the greatest mysteries (the Holy Shroud), and inspired the black-and-white stripes of one of the planet’s most iconic football teams (Juventus)! Isn’t that enough?

Turin is the capital of magic, it is associated with giants such as FIAT, it offers an Egyptian Museum that houses the world’s second largest collection of Egyptian artefacts, astonishing venues that used to be royal palaces listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, historic cafés characterized by a local flavor, a rich culinary tradition and enchanting wine routes. A unique destination for a multifaceted and unusual experience! PRO MEET, our partner DMC in Italy highly recommend a gala dinner at the beautiful Venaria Reale, a 17th century former royal palace.

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