Travel to the Middle of Nowhere to find out which direction you should be heading

“This is where we were and this is where we are going”. Communicating this message is at the heart of every kind of meeting or event, and what better place is there than Iceland to demonstrate the contrast between where companies are and where they need to be going. Imagine being able to take your client to a destination, less than three hours from the UK, where they can enjoy ice cool adventures on day one, thermal hot activities on day two and be able to use this contrast as a metaphor for the MD / Sales Director or senior executives speech of how they see progress being made, at the closing session on day three.  Iceland, as a backdrop for communicating change, is uniquely able to demonstrate this due to the short distances between one extreme and the next and the wide range of activities and awe inspiring vistas awaiting visitors in such a small area.

Our DMC in Iceland, Snaeland Incentives have created an amazing programme out in the wilds, in the middle of nowhere that will help your clients find their direction, and all for only 3000 Euros per person for a three day experience including accommodation, transportation, activities and all meals. Click here to see the amazing programme from Iceland

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